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Dancing At Your Wedding


It is a wonderful thing, to be witness to a couples first dance as life partners.  Dance is a symbol for partnership in so many ways that is only now becoming so apparent to so many people.  It is also just so much fun :).

At BDC we offer many ways you can incorporate dancing into your wedding.

1. The Couples First Dance

    - Traditional: Usually a nice dance the couple puts together with their teacher to a song of their choice. (Usually "their" song)
    - Non Traditional: The couple chooses to dance something different: i.e. Tango, Salsa, Swing.  Or they begin with a traditional Waltz, or slow dance, and then break into Hip Hop, fun 80's dancing, or other such...

2. The Father Daughter (Son Mother) Dance:

    - So many people are incorporating their whole families into the tradition of dance.  As a send off, a welcoming, a fun entertainment for the party :)
    - You can even learn how to create a beautiful ceremony in asking the mother/father for the dance, or them asking you, trading during the dance.  It is really an open slate nowadays.

3. The Wedding Party

    - You have seen it on Youtube, the wedding party dances down the aisle, to the ceremony or after
    - Have you seen the bridesmaids do their dance for the groom?  :)  How about to kick off the tossing of the bouquet?
    - How about a Flash Mob at your own wedding :)

4. Teaching Your Guests
    - Are you having a live band?  You want your guests to be able to try the dance you learned, Swing, Tango whatever?  Bring a teacher to your wedding and have a 1/2 hour introduction to dance as entertainment
    - Bring our instructors/advanced students to put on a dance show at your event.  Maybe you want more live entertainment, why not have a professional Argentine Tango performed, or Salsa, Waltz, or Swing?
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