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Wedding Dance!
For many couples who are not already ballroom dancers, that first dance in front of family, friends, photographers, and video cameras can be quite intimidating.  What if you step on the dress?
The Wedding Dance package is a fun way to prepare for your wedding reception and build your relationship with your future spouse at the same time.  DanceSportVA instructors specialize in helping you learn how to dance elegantly and confidently as fast as you are able to learn.  We’ll offer tips on dance choices, music selection, and even how to dance in the bridal gown.  When you walk out onto the dance floor for your first dance as husband and wife, you’ll be relaxed, confident and focused on each other.  You’ll be savoring the
moment– not worried about “what to do”.  
Many couples who come to us to learn how to dance for their wedding enjoy it so much, that they choose to extend their lessons!  DanceSport VA studio practice sessions are a great and inexpensive date for newlyweds too.
When should you book your wedding dance package?  Many experts recommend starting your dance lessons at least 3 months before the wedding. It helps allow for scheduling and gives you the option to increase your dancing ability.  Is your wedding three weeks away when you read this?  
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