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Wedding Packages

Make the first dance at your wedding fun and stress free with a wedding dance customized to your personality and style. Our professional instructors know all of the right questions to ask to ensure that your first dance goes off without a hitch and is an important highlight of your special wedding day.

Free Wedding Dance Consultation

Visit with one of our professional instructors and share your vision of the perfect first dance! We’ll help you work out the details and assist you in choosing which wedding dance package is the right fit for you.

Choosing A Song

Maybe you have a song that is meaningful to you as a couple, but you aren’t sure it would work for a first dance. Or, maybe you just know that you want something classic or fun but don’t have a specific song in mind. Wherever you are at in your music selection process, our instructors are experienced at helping you select a song that will be the foundation of creating a first dance that is uniquely yours. Classic, Casual, or YouTube-worthy crazy, whatever your style, we’ll help you make it happen on the dance floor!

Music Editing

Many songs have a beautiful beginning and ending, but you may not want to dance to the entire song, even most professional performances are only around 2 minutes long. Let us edit your special song for the perfect entrance, exit, and tempo! $30.00 for a basic edit and or tempo change.

Quick Tips for a Successful First Dance at Your Wedding

Go Dance helps over 100 engaged couples each year create the first dance of their dreams, and our instructors have a few tips to help your first dance go off without a hitch!

  • Practice in your wedding shoes. Every shoe feels different to dance in and you want as few surprises as possible on your big day.
  • Live Bands are wonderful for the reception, but challenging for a first dance. We recommend doing your first dance to a recording even if you’ll have a live band at your reception.
  • Have your first dance song edited to around 2 minutes. Go Dance offers music editing services as well as first dance instruction.
  • Make sure your instructor knows what style the brides dress is, as that can impact what moves will work well in your first dance.
  • Remember that no one but you knows what you planned for your first dance, so if you forget something don’t stress over it. Smile at each other and sway, and no one else will be any the wiser!

Create a Unique Experience For Your Guests

Let Go Dance help create an experience that your guests will remember for years to come.  Our professional instructors teach classes and perform and private events including Bachelorette Parties, Rehearsal Dinners, and Wedding Receptions.

Bachelorette Parties

You and the ladies will have a blast learning some Salsa, Line Dancing, or other dance of your choice before hitting the town! We can schedule a special class at our studio for you, or bring the class to you! We can also schedule several of our instructors to join your group at the club, so you know you’ll have fantastic partners.

Rehearsal Dinner

A dance class is a fantastic way to entertain your guests and help them all get to know each other before the big day! At our studio or a location of your choice, our instructors will have everyone dancing and laughing in no time.

Reception Entertainment

Looking to add a unique touch to your reception? Why not help your guests enjoy the music even more by offering a dance class, so they are comfortable getting out on the dance floor? Our instructors are pros at providing an entertaining class during your reception in a dance style that will complement your wedding theme while being easy for your guests to learn. Contact us for a custom quote for your special day. Popular choices are Two Step, Swing, Salsa, or Line Dancing.

Contact us for more information. We’re here and ready to help you design an event your guests will talk about for years to come!


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